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Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

School/Public safety crossing London Road in the area of outside George & Dragon Place.

Reference: TEMPLE EWELL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN THE VILLAGE HALL ON 10th APRIL 2007 it was good to hear that finally this is being slowly addressed.

I pointed this out last year on starting on the 17/07/2006 by e-mail asking for double yellow lines to make the crossing safer for School/Public.
I again e-mailed on the 16/01/2007 with new points as follows:

1. Makes it difficult for vehicles emerging from the G & D rear car park.

2. A short stretch of lines adjacent to the G & D rear car park entrance/ exit could be the answer/compromise?"

I sent another e-mail on the 5/02/2007 stating:
Thanks for seeing that my concerns were looked at within the Parish meeting, however I still have points I would like to emphasize in respect of removal of vehicles in this area as follows:

1. Crossing patrol as been advertised many times before to no avail.

2. Dangerous even for crossing patrol personnel to operate in this area.

3. Only addresses the issue at certain times of the day, does not cater for the following times.

1. Early morning / evening School kids catching / leaving buses in London road.
2. After School activities - including park recreation, especially during summer months.
3. Public crossing the road to the shops or bus stop, especially the elderly.

4. Any possibility of the Crossing patrol hazard lights being switched on with a timer until the issue is sorted?

5. It’s also noted vehicles are parking on the pavements in this area, may be a few dents and scrapes with push chair would do the trick?

I hear through the grapevine a London Rd resident was knocked over on London Rd in the vicinity of the shop!

Another recommendation I would like to put forward is the "pavement walk extended into the road" outside the G & D (Like the ones outside Iceland food shop). This would ensure it easier to cross safely!

Anonymous said...

I see today another lorry load of trees & hedges disappeared from the rear of Target Firs Road house again!

We know who you are - no respect for the village and look of countryside - disgraceful!!!

Anonymous said...

The Green of GREEN LANE, going going gone!

Helen Chattaway said...

Planning application in for 3rd property at Kinnoul, Green Lane/The Avenue. DOV/07/00974
Encroaching into protected woodlands. 9 trees to be felled to accommodate it.
5 bedroomed house, immediately behind Sunningdale.
Increased traffic and parking.

Resident said...

Temple Ewell Parish Council are partly to blame for the sudden increase of planning applications along Green lane & The Avenue.
They choose to endorse planning acceptance on the new 5 bedroomed house along the Avenue (encroaching into the protected tree area).

The TEPC are very short sighted & panders to back garden builders (who might I add, live in Canterbury). No thought for the impact on tree preservation/wildlife & most of all views everybody in the village likes to enjoy for the surrounding area.

TEPC use you brains, take off the blinkers and most of all try to think ahead!

T E R said...

Name & Shame time in & around Temple Ewell area.
Alan Barker back garden builder from Canterbury. He has no respect for the environment, trees and especially tree preservation areas.
He tries to alter plans to suit himself and feed his greed.

Keep your eye out for this builder & watch his actions. Get yourself plans from DDC if you are unfortunate to have him building near to you.

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

May I wish all Temple Ewell residents a Merry Xmas & a Prosperous Happy New Year.

T E R said...

Update: Just heard through the grapevine, Alan Barker back garden builder now lives in River.

Steve & Helen Chattaway said...

Kinnoul (plot 2) extra garage planning application - DDC planning committee site meeting 3/06/2008. Well attended by Parish Council, Roger Frayne (Ward Councillor ) Geoff Roberts (CPRE) & many local residents who all raised objections. Thanks & well done.

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Planning Committee meeting photos - 3.06.2008 kindly donated by Jack from 1066, Green Lane.
I am trying to sort out the intermittent image problem with the photo provider. Try clicking image even if says error.

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Photos in public places taken from the Police National Legal Database.


I want to take some photos in public, is it now illegal?


It is not illegal to take photographs or video footage in public places unless it is for criminal or terrorist purposes.

There will be places where you have access as a member of the public, but will have to ask permission or may be prevented altogether. These could include stately homes, museums, churches shopping malls, railway stations and council/government buildings. You need to check the situation out on a case by case basis.............. see link:

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Wishing all locals & readers a happy & prosperous 2011

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Please help to save removal of two Beech trees - Land R/O Sunningdale & Adj High Trees House - The Avenue - Temple Ewell

Write to DDC planning Dept. email: or


Dear Ms Russell,

We would like to object to the proposed application DOV/11/00046 - Removal of two Beech trees on the following grounds:

1. There is no mention of the trees being diseased in the main report to which Mr. Barker refers to.
2. If the trees are felled, there is no mention of replacing them.
3. There are still 5 trees to be replaced from the felling which was undertaken in April 2008, for which you have been contacted about, by us on several occasions. At the time these were felled, it was confirmed by CPRE and Natural England these 5 trees were not diseased.
4. The land is not a building plot as described in the application. The original planning grant was that this area was to serve as the rear garden for ‘Up and Down’, having previously been the rear garden to Kinnoul.
5. It should be noted that the builder has made several applications to build on the site, which to date have rightly been refused, of which the close proximity to the trees was a major factor in the refusal.
6. The development of the plot has already had an adverse effect on the trees, as the slope mentioned is due to clearance for this plot. Consequently additional pressure is now being put on the remaining trees, and any future development will exacerbate the situation for neighbouring properties.

In conclusion, this only serves to assist the builder in applying for another development, lining his pockets, at the expense of conservation of the trees.

Please confirm receipt of this email.

Your sincerely,

Steve and Helen Chattaway
High Trees House
Green Lane
Temple Ewell
CT16 3AR

Temple Ewell Parish Council
Tree Warden
Local Residents

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Dear Mr Chattaway
Thank you for your email.
I will forward your report and concerns regarding Public Footpath ER95, Temple Ewell to the East Kent Area Office to investigate.
Kind regards
Countryside Access Service
Kent Report Line Tel: 0845 345 0210

From: Steve []
Sent: 27 November 2012 10:23
Cc: Kent County Council; Cllr. Geoffrey Lymer; Elphicke, Charlie - Conservative MP; Cllr. Geoffrey Lymer; colin smithen - Chairman TEPC; Coulson-Wright, Jane - River Parish Council; Glen Mousley - TEPC; G Ognibeni - TEPC; TEPC - Steve Grayson
Subject: Re: EA67BCC4FB924 RE: Problem Report: "Kissing" gate

Dear Public Rights of Way department,

Further to email Sent: 2012/06/04 10:10:09 To: Kent County Council Subject: Problem Report: "Kissing" gate via Fix my Street.

I have today have had further reports from locals using this gate, they have indicated this gate as now been chained up. This gate (along with many other gates) has never been properly fixed despite reporting this problem.

IMO chaining gates where cattle are present is dangerous, not to mention this is a public right of way.

These types of gates are high maintenance that require, at the very least dirt and derbies removed from the hinge area to enable them to close correctly.

The semi circular swing type gates would IMO be a better option.

I look forward to your response, I will then pass onto locals.

S Chattaway

CC: Kent CC, Locals, Councillor, MP and TE Parish Council.

On 07/06/2012 14:15, Kent County Council wrote:
> Dear Mr Chattaway
> Thank you for your email regarding a kissing gate.
> I have forwarded your email to the Public Rights of Way department, in order that they can respond to your enquiry.
> For further information regarding this enquiry please contact the department directly, their contact details are
> Kind regards
> Jamie
> Customer Service Advisor
> Kent County Council Highways & Transportation
> Telephone: 08458 247 800
> --------------------Original Message--------------------
> From: Stephen Chattaway Sent: 2012/06/04 10:10:09 To: Kent County Council Subject: Problem Report: "Kissing" gate
> Dear Kent County Council, A user of FixMyStreet has submitted the following report of a local problem that they believe might require your attention. To view a map of the precise location of this issue, or to provide an update on the problem, please visit the following link: ---------- Name: Stephen Chattaway Email: Category: Pavements/footpaths Subject: "Kissing" gate Details: "Kissing" gate is broken at the entrance from/to the "Kent wildlife Trust" land This gate as been repaired previously. Cattle have used this route before and could be dangerous to the public. Easting: 628614 Northing: 144736 Latitude: 51.156180527006 Longitude: 1.2679117917029 Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Kent, United Kingdom Nearest postcode to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated): CT16 3DE (307m away) ---------- Replies to this email will go to the user who submitted the problem. This message was sent via FixMyStreet, a project of UKCOD, registered charity number 1076346. If there is a more appropriate email address for messages about 'Pavements/footpaths', please let us know by visiting . This will help improve the service for local people. We also welcome any other feedback you may have. FixMyStreet is now available for full integration into council websites, making life easier for both you and your residents. Read more here:

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Public Footpath ER95 - Broken Kissing Gate

Dear East PROW,

Thank you for erecting the wooden structure in front of the damaged Kissing Gate. Looks more substantial than previous attempts until the gate is replaced.

Best regards,
S Chattaway
CC: Kent CC, Locals, Councillor, MP and TE Parish Council.

Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic shot of George and Dragon. Angela