Is your Local MP effectivly working for you?

Have you, or anyone you know, ever contacted  your Local MP?
  1. Did he acknowledge your problem?
  2. Did he address you problem effectively?
  3. Did he say he was too busy?
  4. Did his secretary ring to say "he does not deal with those issues"?
  5. Did he say "too small an issue/problem"?
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Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Anonymous said...

Hello Stephen,

Have you contacted a MP (Member of Parliament) about the issues you have with the TE Parish Council?

23 May 2007 19:56
Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes I did contact Gwyn Prosser MP, and he followed up some aspects. However I am still awaiting a response for my letter below despite repeated contact!

Lets hope Gwyn Prosser MP will redeem himself and help the public by preventing this situation happening again. Especially as the The Standards Board for England can't help because it's not within their framework. If you would like to sign my petition on this subject - Look at the end of the main Blog - Thanks.

I will be contacting him yet again reference letter below to seek an end to these matters.

21 April 2007

Dear Mr Prosser,

Thank you for your letter of 20th April, 2007.

However this does not address:
i) why the Parish Council has made no effort to correct their
ii) there has been no formal apology to the residents of Green
Lane/The Avenue
iii) whilst pursuing this further, the only action the Parish
Council have under taken is to threaten legal action to the residents of Green Lane/The Avenue.


The formal hearing did not cover the ‘falsified records’. I have additional documented evidence that records were incorrectly presented to the Parish Council planning meeting.
I believe the Parish Council is still not being open with its actions – and has probably only presented you with limited information.

A further question which no-one seems to want to answer is who paid for the legal advice?
Did it come from public funds?

I would appreciate a full response to the points raised in my letter of 13th March.

If you require any further information / documents as referenced above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

S. Chattaway

25 May 2007 18:58

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Still no response to date from Gwyn Prosser MP.

It appears that he approves the wasting of public money - can't be brothered to pursue the evidence - probably not even read it if the truth be known.

22 June 2007 10:49

Mr Stephen Chattaway said...

Finally letter arrived 30 June 2007 from MP.

His response is a complete waste of time. As I said back in June he "can't be bothered to pursue the evidence - probably not even read it" as proven true.

Extracts from the letter:

Excuses: He can't be enmeshed in every dispute - PUBLIC MONEY WASTED BY TEMPLE EWELL PARISH COUNCIL NOT SERIOUS Gwyn Prosser? Have you a good reason why you won't pursue this issue?
Are you happy incorrect records exist within the public system?

I say to you Gwyn Prosser deal with the small issues - larger issues less likely to materialise!
Do it right first time - every time or you will continue to get a workload backlog you keep whining about!

Back tracking: Mentioned Standards Board would have dealt with the issues if serious - Gwyn Prosser failed to read the statement from the Standards Board reference "the issues are not within our framework to act for you"

Lets face facts there are calls for "The Standards Board for England" to be scrapped - correct? You must have heard about this? Get it sorted and save your self some work!

Anonymous said...

Interesting statistics link.

Gwyn not far off the bottom of the list. Not very encouraging.

Thanks for the information & links.